An Extended History

The Dusk War

As the centuries began to pass on the mortal world, Technology continued it’s endless march of progress, moving quickly with the help of magic. This technological progress caused the influence of the divines to wane as mortals’ dependency on Divine Magic ended. The evil gods descended into their isolated cults and began to quietly rule from the shadows, and the higher divines became increasingly uninterested in mortal affairs. Although mortals never halted their prayer to the divines, prayer became more and more empty as it was falling on deaf ears. In short, as time progressed the power of the gods began to become less attached to the mortal plane. The world was ripe for the taking.

It was then that the Primordials, who had been hiding in the most iaolated depths of the world since the Dawn War, always seeking to rise again and overthrow the Divines, attempted a new tactic in the conquering of the mortal world. They began to increase their hidden influence on the world. Thought forgotten after the Dawn War, secret cults in isolated spots of the world began to develop, granting new forms of magic to those who were willing. These new magics took the form of metallic ores that adapted well to the advancing technology levels of the world, starting an explosion of development and discovery. Secretly, the use of these magical ores served as sustenance for the Primordials and their cults, and not only weakened the divines by reducing mortal dependency on them, but also slowly corrupted the ways of mortal society. These many metals, planted deep within the Earth for mortals to find, took the form of many distinct ores.

Akadium, a shiny, silvery blue metal, empowered the air primordial Akadi and allowed the creation of supernatural weapons and machines that used the forces of air to create long distance projectiles, powerful wave cannons, and small flying machines

Grummium, a hard black metal, empowered the earth primordial Grumbar and allowed the creation of super armors that could be used defend against incredible amounts of damage. When alloyed with other metals it kept them from rusting or otherwise decaying.

Istishite, a soft blue-grey metal, empowered the water primordial Istishia, and was used to cause seafaring vessels to move through water at breakneck speeds.

Suthinium, a red-grey metal that glows mildly when refined, empowered the fire primordial Kossuth, and allowed for the development of terrible and deadly weapons. Arrows could be made to cause any living creature to burst into flame or explode on impact, and cannonballs could be made to disintegrate the walls of fortresses. The sheer power of Suthinium was experimented with by some, but the few wizards who did survive their experiments only managed to create incredibly unstable machines.

Malarite, a liquid silver metal extracted from stone, empowered the primordial Malar, and caused the consumer of the metal to experience a wave of strength and thirst for blood. This frenzy was used by some groups to create vicious and ruthless monsters to unleash upon the enemy.

Goragite, a, extremely rare green metal, empowered the primordial Bazim-Gorag, and was said to absorb the luck of the creatures around it. The owner of this metal would become luckier as all people around them would slowly become unluckier. This effect caused a dangerous thirst for success to overcome the user, driving them to take riskier and riskier actions until it led to their eventual demise. For this reason, mortals tended to avoid using Goragite in their technologies, although a few mortals have experimented with it’s mysterious powers in secret.

In an attempt to stop this growing power of the Primordials, the Divines attempted to halt this by any means necessary. The followers of the divines were no use in the eradication of the metals as the intelligent races protected them through greed, foreseeing a bright future thanks to the gifts of the Primordials. By the time the Primordials had increased in power so much that they could directly interfere with the world, beginning to take entire empires under their destructive sway, the Divines were forced to directly intervene. Both sides now equally matched, the Primordials with newfound power, and the Divines weakened by the neglect of the mortal races, fought in waves of destruction in creation across the face of the mortal world. The Dusk War had began for control of creation.

The War of the Nine

The mortal planes in chaos, there was a rich opportunity for the Nine to bring humanity to its knees. The problem was that, although Asmodeus ruled the Abyss and planned to lead an army of the damned against the crumbling mortal plane, others of the Nine also wanted the same glory. Glasya, Asmodeus’s daughter, believed that it was her turn to come to glory just as her father did, and others saw the opportunity to establish dominance over the world as well. Violent war broke out throughout the Nine Hells.

The devil, Ivnthos, began to manipulate the war. Created by Levistus to act as his hand, the War of the Nine Hells was the perfect opportunity to create chaos and ruin the political structure of the Nine Hells. He allied himself to Mephistopheles, the lord of the frozen wasteland of the Eighth Circle, promising the god rule over the abyss come victory. With the power of the lord of ice, Mephistopheles breached the frozen prison of Levistus, releasing his master, the vengeful lord of Stygia, from his endless tomb. That year, armies of shadowy horrors and frozen soldiers marched on Nessus, the First Circle. While Asmodeus’s armies were scattered throughout the Nine Hells. Even with armies vast as Asmodeus’s, the combined power of the two most powerful archdevils under Asmodeus was too much. Followed by a wake of vengeful ice devils, Levistus’s army stormed the citadel and captured the center of the Nine Hells, declaring himself the new emperor. With Levistus as absolute ruler of Baator, some of the Nine succumbed to his power and pledged to eternal servitude under him. Among these were Dispater, Glasya, Mephistopheles, and Mammon. Baalzebul, Bel, Belial, and the now crushed tyrant Asmodeus, were each doomed to a fate worse than death. Frozen in an inescapable icy tomb in the Fifth Circle, they were forced to endure the same fate that Asmodeus cursed upon Levistus centuries ago.

Content with his rule of the Nine Hells, Levistus sent Ivnthos to conquer the mortal world. The Dusk War had ravaged the world, and the Divines and Primordials had fought to the point of near total destruction. The combined force of the ruined mortal armies, the divines, and the primordials were almost enough to fight off the damned army of Ivnthos, but it was when Mephistopheles stormed the mortal world and brought the cold and endless winter with him that caused the eventual fall of the mortal world. Landscapes were blighted with cold bitter winds, forests were buried under sheets of frost and the ice caps of the north began to slowly grow south. As a result, many mortal societies who had lost men in the war could not support themselves, and they succumbed to the winter. In a last minute attempt to preserve good in the world, the divines each hid themselves within artifacts all throughout the world. Known as boons, these many artifacts bring with them the blessings of the divines, and are hidden away in extremely secret locations on the mortal world. The weakened primordials were forced to do the same, prefering to hide their boons in the endless horror of the Elemental Chaos. Just as the devils had in the past, now the divines and primordials have small orders hidden throughout the world, devoted to the protection of their god.

Modern Day

Today, the Dusk War has ended long ago, and most mortals don’t remember a time before the endless winter struck the mortal world. Levistus is building his army again for another attack on the mortal plane, but through of the use of newfound technologies the mortal races have managed to create new societies from the remnants of civilization. But as population grows, and resources are scarce, many brave explorers and adventurers have taken to the Frozen Seas to seek resources beneath the frigid waters in the dark Underworld, to travel through Dimension Gates to the Feywild, Elemental Chaos, and even the Shadowfell in search of much needed resources and lands to settle, to take down the marauding armies of Mephistopheles and fight back against Levistus, or to take to piracy and hunt these explorers and settlers and pillage the treasures of the planes.

An Extended History

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