The South Port

Built upon the southern point of the Northeastern continent, the port of Harnemen is a nexus of trade and travel, and the central hub for sailors traveling through the North Gate. Harnemen is a melting pot of many races. Where pirates, tradesmen and explorers alike can come to gather supplies and swap stories before setting off into the untamed planes.


Harnemen is located on the south point of the eastern isle of Arnor. To the south lies the great expanse of the Gulf of Storms and the disputed Eastern isles. To the north lies a frozen forest and mountain range, part of the great range that divides the kingdom of Arnor in half, separating the storm-bitten southern coast from the frozen wastes of the Neraldir flats.

Harnemen itself is nestled into the foothills found south of the mountain range. The Gulf of Storms brings the icy chill of twisting storms, but also brings the warmth of the sun, making the foothills a place where a few hardy plants may grow, and a place where fish congregate due to the warmth of these waters. In this way, Harnemen has been able to support itself through the endless winter. It sits as a trade town where goods from the North Gate will travel through, giving eager merchants first pick at the treasures of the planes.

Harnemen is under the rule of Araella the Navigator, and is an official part of the kingdom of Arnor. While the eastern division of the Arnorian Navy operates out of Demon’s Fall, Harnemen is home to a unique division of Arnorian Troops, the Golden Claw. This highly selective military division may give it’s patronage to Arnor, but actually operates as a separate unit, and is actually considered a private army. Their forces make up the bulk of guards and agents within the town. Many elves who serve Arnor also serve The Golden Claw, although some weigh their allegiance closer to one or the other.

The Golden Claw division is separated into three separate groups. The lowest ranking group, known simply as The Eyes, are the division centered on monitoring trade and domestic activity within the city itself. Eyes of the Golden Claw are most commonly seen within the town itself, either checking the incoming shipments of merchants, or solving domestic disputes within the living areas of the town.

The second ranking group are The Wings of the Golden Claw. This division operates largely outside of the town. They are a specialized group of pirate hunters and sailors who make up the bulk of the nautical power of Harnemen. The Wings often take it upon themselves to hunt down pirates who disrupt the trade routes both in and outside the Frozen Seas, but are not unknown to hire privateers to enact the more dangerous mission.

The highest ranking group are The Talons of the Golden Claw. Not much is known about this elite group officers. They are a group of elite individuals who are initiated to The Talons through a special ritual. Their primary duty is to protect a mysterious individual known as The Head of the Golden Claw at all costs. A trained group of killers and magicians, when an enemy of Arnor or of Harnemen becomes too difficult for the Navy to deal with, the Talons are dispatched, dealing swift and deadly justice.


The majority of people in Harnemen, like many other locales of Arnor, are elves. Due to its connection to the North Gate, however, Harnemen sees numerous Gith, Genasi, Eladrin, and other planar races arrive in its harbor. Like the rest of the Frozen Seas, the majority of permanent residences within Harnemen belong to Humans, Dwarves, and primarily Elves. Most of these people are allied to Arnor some way or another


Harnemen attracts traders from all across the planes through the North Gate. As the Gate itself shifts it’s connection to the planes, new planar visitors arrive, bringing their exotic goods and services to the people of Harnemen and by extension, the Frozen Seas. Most things a seafaring crew would need can be found in the town’s Trade District, centered and developing around the port.

Ship building is an important trade in Harnemen. With numerous sailors coming in from across the planes, there is a constant call for workers for the construction of new ships and the repair of old ones. The ship building industry in Harnemen is so huge that it has come to attract numerous sailors, including pirates, into the port of the town. Harnemen’s ship building industry is the primary source of Arnorian ships and ship accessories, which keeps the town under the good word of Araella the Navigator.

In the Trade District, especially at night, Harnemen also becomes a sort of pirate haven. While it’s not as opening and welcome to pirates as some places in disputed territory, such as Black Island, the wealth and treasures that pirates usually bring into the port keep the town bustling with economic activity, making the Trade District of Harnemen one of several places where pirates can come and restock their ships, share a drink with other pirates and merchants, and trade for exotic planar goods.

Places of Interest

The Drunken Raven

Located in the center of the Trade District, The Drunken Raven is the main tavern for the masses of the town. It’s run by expert distiller Yelmin Swiftriver and his wife, Faela, who spend most of their time tending to the patrons of the tavern. Here merchant, Golden Claw, and pirate alike can come to share a drink or sleep the night, and perhaps participate in the occasional tavern brawl. It’s not uncommon to find Yelmin selling his Swiftriver Rum, a local favorite in Harnemen.

The Fallen District

When the armies of the damned tore open the North Gate and invaded the northeastern continent, Harnemen was one of many towns that were hit directly. First bombarded by the hellships, and then stormed by the armies of frost devils, the wave of destruction brought the forces of the town to it’s knees. Today, there lies a path of utter destruction carved across the town. The wood and stonework still smolder today, corrupted by demonic magic. Within the district lies the ruins of the homes of many inhabitants, and the crumpled pile of stonework that once was the temple of Melora. It’s been long abandoned, and only fits to serve as a haunting reminder of the world that once was.

Siltwater Dockyard

The Siltwater family has lived in Harnemen almost as long as the town has been here. While it has grown into a center of Arnorian trade and culture in this region, the tiefling of the Siltwater family have retained a level of near royalty in Harnemen. Their dockyard is large and well equipped to handle several ships at once, and even contains a number of dry docks where ships can be constructed and repaired. The current owner of the dockyard is an older tiefling under the name of Baelzar Siltwater, who owns the dockyard single handedly and, while more than willing to work the hull of a paying customer, is known for his sour and untrusting mood.

The Harnemen Gunnery

The recent boom in naval construction has encouraged many people to seek out their livings both on and off the frozen seas. The founder of the Harnemen Gunnery, a dwarf by the name of Tharin Whiteforge, is one such person. These newcomers to the town have created a particularly successful business manufacturing cannons and firearms for Arnor and The Golden Claw. If you need a gun, and you have the coin, The Harnemen Gunnery has you covered. Currently the Gunnery is under the ownership of Ingra Whiteforge, the young daughter of Tharin who’s recent death has begun to stir up some rumors in the town.


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