The Loa

The New Gods

The fall forced the divines and primordials to retreat to the furthest corners of the planes and hide from the world. The power of the Nine and the mortals lead to their end, and their power has all but left the world altogether. But as beings with power over strict code and manifestations of evil, even the relentless force of the armies of Levistus were not enough to bring about the end of Nature itself.

The world is a battleground, where the spirits of life and of nature struggle against the endless winter. Many spirits have been destroyed, or forced to retreat from the world into the Feywild, but the spirits of frost and winter still remain, their power growing ever strong over the natural world. Balance has yet to be restored, but the forces of good have not failed yet.

Mortals have all but abandoned the power of the gods, as their blessings no longer truly influence the world outside of their boons any longer. Just as when one dominant species falls, another will rise to take its place. The primal spirits have taken upon a new form to fight back against the powers of corruption that plague the world now. These spirits are dubbed the Loa, and they are more powerful than most ancestor spirits and especially the natural spirits whose power has weakened upon the world. They are worshiped not in the same way as primal spirits, with general communication to the overarching forces of the power of nature, but rather as real entities, whose power controls the lesser spirits. The spirits of the Bear, Wolf, Mountain, and Sea can all be worshiped as Loa. Worship rituals are stranger as well. To unlock their power it requires strange rituals, sacrifices, and occasional cannibalism.

Some people, especially those who are still tied to the gods, see the Loa as false gods and shun their worship. Primal casters who follow the old ways look upon the Loa with mixed opinions. Some see the Loa as their salvation from the death of the natural world, and attempt to enact their worship as a way to bring balance back to the world, others see them as Dark Spirits, who have grown drunk off of the power the gods left behind and who will drag the world to chaos.

However your character may see them, the power of Loa worshipers is equal, if not greater in power than the power of ordinary primal casters. The Loa grant their blessings and curses just as the gods once did, and so many religious followers have taken to calling upon the Loa for blessing, rather than the gods. Most people see the primal spirits, Loa, and gods on the same level, giving them the same token notice but rejecting the power that they may grant.

The Loa

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