A Fallen People

Once inhabiting the prospering city-state of Vymorjak, the Tiefling people spread to the farthest corner of the planes for their own personal reasons. The Tiefling race was never really accepted among any of the other races, but accepted simply because of their use in arcane and in military escapades. With the first invasion, which brought with it the endless winter, the armies of the West Gate stormed the port of Vymorjak and captured the town, forcing many Tieflings to abandon their home and find refuge in a society that distrusts them. Those who stayed behind were enslaved by Ivnthos, now forced to maintain their town as a center of operations for the forces of evil.

Tieflings are one of the least populous races. While they make up a mere 1% of populations on the mortal world, spread between Arnor, The Empire, and Urbazden, Tieflings are more commonly seen on the crews of mercenary or pirate vessles, or seen attempting to rebuild their civilization in the furthest reaches of the planes. The faction of Vymorjak shares no central authority, despite numerous attempts by single Tieflings to unite their people. Despite this, the identity of a Tiefling is one kept very close to them. Every Tiefling, with little exception, recognizes their place among the Vymorjak people, even as they are divided across the furthest corners of the planes.

Possibly more diverse and widespread than humans, Tieflings can be found wherever there is profit to be made, discoveries to discover, or home to be found. The natural passion for arcane and infernal magics has made Tieflings a vital asset to the rapidly expanding empires and has placed them with a unique outlook on the operations of the armies of the Nine Hells.


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