The isles of the frozen seas were once seasonal isles. Creatures lived in the mild summers, frolicked among the fruiting plants of the spring, and hibernated through the snowy winters. But when winter came and never left, only the most hardy of creatures survived. This is the world of the Frozen Seas, where reptilian creatures such as kobolds, troglodytes, and lizardmen have gone all but extinct, and the hardy mammalian creatures, such as bears, yaks, or mountain horses thrive. This is a world where the leaf of a deciduous plant is a rare commodity, and the only growing forests are evergreen, coated in an ever thick sheet of snow.


Of all the biomes that formed in the Frozen Seas since the fall, the Taiga, evergreen forests were the first to grow from the frozen remains of the mixed forests of the isles. In the moister are of the isles, where ocean storms bring sheets of biting snow to the land, these biomes thrive. This not only serves as a source of lumber for towns and villages that still survive on the coasts of the isles, but as a home for many creatures of the forest. Heavy coated deer and elk are still common in these forests, as well as wolves, snow foxes, and bears. Creatures in the taiga tend to posses some colors that creatures on the tundra do not. Browns, reds, and blacks are common, for camouflage in these forests is more difficult than the simple white coated camouflage in the tundra.


In the mountain shadows of the Isles are found many diverse tundras. Some, such as the South Plains, recieve more water and are known for their resilient grasses, while others, such as the Neraldir Flats, are berift of water and life, standing as a desert swept by the freezing winds of the seas. It is here that many creatures make their home. Those whose furs or hides were white, to match the permanent snow of the tundra, thrived here. Many species of wolf, rabbit, fox, and bear all live here, as do some clever insects and birds. While the tundra is a land where few resources are readily avaliable, the mortal races have learned to live off the tundra since the fall. Lacking readily avaliable wood, most structures are constructed of bone or stone brick, and travel across the tundra has been made easy by employing sleighs either drawn magically or by beasts of burden.


The many isles of the Frozen Seas are home to many impressive ranges of mountains. From the West Range to the Morendar Peaks, the many mountain ranges of the frozen seas are home to very unique sets of creatures. The temperature atop the mountains is even colder than below. While on warm days the lower valleys may get temperatures as high as 60 degrees, many mountain ranges rarely reach above 40, and some are known to remain below freezing year round. This environment is the perfect home for wild sheep, goats, and bears, which are commonly seen along the rocky sides of the ranges. White Dragons and other monsters adapted to the cold thrived as well, making their homes inside of caves carved into the mountainsides.


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