My latest concept for a campaign setting, The Frozen Seas takes current Forgotten Realms lore and creates a world that exists chronologically after the swords and sorcery of the classic D&D era. With help from primordial magics, the mortal races created technologies that allowed them to extend past their homelands and explore the vastest reaches of the world. But even as technology marched forward, the cold war between the Primordials and Divines reached a peak, and the mortal world became the battlefield of a second Dawn War. Exhausting both parties, the Lords of the Nine saw their chance to take control of the multiverse, but a scheme by the trapped Lord Levistus caused the fall of the Nine, and allowed armies of the damned to conquer the four planes and the mortal world. Mephistopheles’s armies now march across the mortal world, bringing a magic induced ice age, an “endless winter” to the mortal plane. Now as the world’s resources wither away under the wrath of the archdevil, the mortal races are forced to sail across the planes in search of the resources needed to keep civilization alive.

The Frozen Seas

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